Photovoltaic integrated insulated rooftop - TSE CLIMA Revamping

The TSE CLIMA System is designed to combine the benefits of an insulated roof with those arising from the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The TSE CLIMA system ensures that the customer to have a new Photovoltaic integrated insulated rooftop.

TSE CLIMA consists of 3 elements: the photovoltaic module with lowered frame, special stainless steel fixing brackets and the insulated rooftop panel composed of an outer covering in pre-coated steel sheet with corrugated profiles.

The TSE CLIMA system can be used on all types of roof tops: industrial, commercial, religious, civil and farming; and offers a lot of advantages.

Technical documentation

Behaviour in standard test conditions STC end in NOCT conditions

Given the large number of possible combinations of components that make up the TSE system, for electrical specifications, it is necessary to refer to the individual product data sheets (photovoltaic module)

datasheet Photovoltaic integrated insulated rooftop Complete Data sheet - datasheet - Photovoltaic integrated insulated rooftopPhotovoltaic integrated insulated rooftop - english datasheetPhotovoltaic integrated insulated rooftop - spanish datasheet

Installation manual - TSE CLIMA




The firm holds all of the certifications necessary to operate in accordance with the norms IEC 61215 : 2005, EN 61730 1-2 :2007, as well as the norms of the regulated productive cycle, which are necessary for the company’s receipt of tax incentives. VGS adheres to the regulations regarding the collection and recycling of expiring and expired photovoltaic modules in Italy.

product certifications

cobat: consortium national collection and recycling

CE: conformity marking

Fire reaction certificate



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