Commercial, marketing and advertising areas

Unparalleled attention to the market and a profound understanding of the needs of our clientele.

Commercial, marketing and advertising areas

The sales department constitutes the liaison between the company and the market. Our professional resources, trained in the commercial, marketing and advertising fields of competence, added to the technologies currently available, are the expression of a new approach towards customers.

"VGS" is a company that has made collaboration and partnership with the electro technical industry (installers, distributors, designers) its strong point, consolidating its sales network in Italy and abroad: in countries such as north Africa (Morocco, with the new sales subsidiary in Casablanca, Tunisia and Senegal), Central Africa (Seychelles, Madagascar and Mauritius), Eastern Europe (Macedonia and Montenegro), Asia (Turkey and Iran) and South America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, where new collaborations have been implemented).


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