Solrif® integration photovoltaic system

The Solrif® integration system transforms a standard frameless photovoltaic module into a solar tile, thus replacing the classic terracotta tile covering of pitched roofs..


Through the application of a patented sub-structure, the modules, with this frame system, optimally replicate the classic roof covering, making it active!

Solrif integration photovoltaic system

Solrif® photovoltaic system

Solrif® integration photovoltaic

Benefits from the application of the Solrif system:

  1. Completely aesthetically integrated system, even in complicated architectural situations;
  2. Reliability and quality thanks to the excellent watertightness through the roof tile style overlap;
  3. Simplicity of application thanks to the modular system, which allows you to replace damaged modules individually, and to the floating installation system;
  4. It forms a watertight layer that makes the roof waterproof, protecting the cables of the photovoltaic modules by preventing the accumulation of dirt under them;
  5. Rear ventilation of the modules guaranteed;
  6. Ideal for roof applications from 10° to 70° slope.

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Solrif® integration photovoltaic system



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