The use of prismatic glass with a low content of high-quality iron guarantees optimal light dispersion. The anodized aluminum frame offers constant structural support and is resistant to the weight of accumulating ice and snow up to 5.5 KN/mq.  The standard module can be purchased with or without a frame. The accompanying junction box with a protective level of IP65 comes complete with bypass diodes, cables and MC4 IP67 connectors.  This system guarantees the maximum certainty of an ever-ready connection and rapid heat distribution, avoiding the possibility of localized overheating  

Power range:

from 150 to 340 Wp


Positive tolerance:

from 0 to +4,99 Wp


Reduced weight:

optimization of raw materials


Thermal characteristics:



Frame (or frameless):

anodised aluminium


Fire resistance:

class of reaction to fire 1 (UNI 9177)



12 year against manufacturing defects



5BB Polycrystalline, standard color


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