We assure you that the quality of our products is tested, guaranteed, and certified.

All of the "VGS" line of products have been rigorously tested and have been certified by KIWA in accordance with CEI EN/IEC 61215 article 2 and CEI EN/IEC 61730 – 2 article 1. Our other product certification has been issued by EU production and Factory Inspection. Our system certifications are: ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 – Disposal and recycling at end-of-life of modules:  consortium adherence.

Since January 2012, the independent laboratory Photon has constantly monitored the production of the VGS modules in their test field for calculating the Performance Rate. The value measured and reported in the magazine is equal to 96.8%; a figure well above the average of the modules on the market. This confirms the care that the company puts in the search for innovative materials and for developing high-performance products, thereby meeting the needs of the customer who acknowledges that the module is the HEART of the photovoltaic system.    

Our Production of Photovoltaic Solar Panels:



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