Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems (TSE PV System)

TSE PV is an integrated system for the production of energy which consists of three elements: the photovoltaic module with dedicated frame, the support and water infiltration channelling metal conduit, the polycarbonate gasket engaged to the channel with a snap system.

Cutting edge innovation, there is no doubt about this!

integrated system for the production of energy

It replaces traditional roofs and provides a perfectly waterproofed coverage which is adaptable to the environment, thanks to the absolute integration of its coloured modules. Efficient, safe and easy to install, guaranteed completely watertight.
Top Solar Energy System (TSE PV) is a photovoltaic roofing system that combines the function of a PV system with that of a cover for both residential and industrial buildings in a single, technologically innovative package. 
It is designed in order to integrate seamlessly with common construction systems, which can range from tiles for residential roofing to the sheet metal or corrugated aluminium covers mostly used in the industrial field.

It ensures the requirements of waterproofing, thermal and mechanical seals and co-planarity of the covers.





The firm holds all of the certifications necessary to operate in accordance with the norms IEC 61215 : 2005, EN 61730 1-2 :2007, as well as the norms of the regulated productive cycle, which are necessary for the company’s receipt of tax incentives. VGS adheres to the regulations regarding the collection and recycling of expiring and expired photovoltaic modules in Italy.

product certifications

cobat: consortium national collection and recycling

CE: conformity marking

Fire reaction certificate



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