FIMER photovoltaic inverters


FIMER string inverters, designed to serve residential and commercial photovoltaic systems, offer high performance, ease of installation and a quick return on investment.

FIMER string inverters have a power between 1.2 and 175 kW.

Single-phase photovoltaic inverters

FIMER single-phase photovoltaic inverters have a power between 1.2 kW and 6 kW. They meet the needs of any household that is trying to save on energy bills while respecting the environment. FIMER inverters feature enhanced smart functionalities thanks to which homeowners can control and monitor their energy production and own consumption through any mobile device.

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Three-phase photovoltaic inverters

FIMER's range of three-phase inverters is designed for photovoltaic systems installed in commercial, industrial and utility applications. Thanks to their modularity and flexibility, they are the ideal solution for simplified system planning and design. The power range, up to 175 kW, along with the possibility to install in either vertical horizontal position make suitable for any rooftop ground-mounted solution.

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Energy Storage Solutions

The growing demand for a reliable energy supply requires that solar inverters be equipped with storage systems and that they can be easily integrated into complex and smart environments. FIMER's line of string inverters with integrated storage is able to meet the needs of modern smart homes. Home users are now the owners of the energy produced by their system, deciding the most appropriate time for use, without wasting a watt.

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